Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So many choices!

     One of the most exciting parts for me so far in the study abroad process was when I found the schedule of classes for our fall semester. With about 26 classes available, there were many options to consider. It was extremely exciting for me and I quickly printed the list and taped it to Sibley’s door. 

Like this picture, each option was tempting in its own way, so how did we choose?

Well, we had to consider many things such as Spanish major or Spanish minor requirements.  We had a meeting with an advisor from the Spanish department and many emails passed between us as we considered classes. We went back and forth, trying to figure out the best variety of classes to meet our needs. We asked current exchange students about their opinions and considered their thoughts.  In the end, it came out perfectly, giving us each a mix of required classes and fun classes. 

Here is what we finally came up with:

                Amanda: Business Spanish, Traditions of Spain: Oral Communication, Spanish Art History, and Spanish Culture and Civilization

                Sibley: Advanced Spanish, The Global Dimension of European Soccer, Phonetics and Oral Spanish, and Spanish Culture and Civilization

Once we arrive in Spain, we will take an assessment to be sure we are at the right level academically, and then we begin! One of my favorite things about this program is the idea of combining classroom learning with field trips. They really want to facilitate our learning of all aspects of Spain by exposing us to the culture and local history. This seems like an amazing way to learn as you can see in real life what you learn within the classroom.  

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