Friday, April 6, 2012

Mental Training: Phase 1

Sibley and I were just enrolled in a course online that is like mental boot-camp. It prepares you to be aware and vigilant, ready to tackle any obstacle in our study abroad adventure. And, no surprise, it included more paperwork. Though, instead of asking questions about our height, weight, and peculiarities, the paperwork is meant to guide and help us through the Study Abroad process. 

For example, we received a crash course on cultural acceptance. The example they used included the following situation: "Imagine you are in supermarket and you see someone stuffing frozen pizzas into their backpack. It would appear strange, wouldn't it? You would probably be uncomfortable and call security. However, in some countries, it is common for people to use their own bags while grocery shopping." I think this is a funny example and it makes me curious as to what we might find in Spain. I'm sure as we point excitedly at each food product with a Spanish label, we will see some “peculiarities” that we aren’t expecting. 

The next step is an in-person session, where we will discuss specifics like insurance, program particulars, and safety tips. I am not totally sure what to expect, but I am excited to meet others who are participating in a Study Abroad and learn more about what we do from here.

 With every paper we print out, every email that we send, I feel closer and closer to the trip. I can’t wait! 

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