Sunday, January 20, 2013

Knights 2 UCF

Our roommate, Jess, Sibley, and I paint a bookshelf
with flags from countries around the world!

       So, we’ve been back from Spain for about a month now. We are nearly settled into a routine here at UCF with classes, student organizations, and other activities. The shenanigans have continued, with 2 surprise birthdays, crazy new board games like Quelf and Munchkin, and lots of fun! 

             On our first day back, we actually gave a tour of the school to Study Abroad participants coming to UCF from countries such as Sweden, Australia, and France. It was a fun way to become reacquainted with a school we love. As we rattled off traditions, landmarks, and “can’t miss” restaurants, it only fueled excitement for a great upcoming semester.

        So, where does that leave the blog? Well, we would like to continue as topics arise, but it will not be as regular as it has in the past. Who knows? Maybe these two Knights will set off on some other amazing adventures and write about that. Or maybe, we’ll just answer questions as best as we can and hope that someone can find some inspiration from our crazy journey.

       Thank you all for reading and supporting us!

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