Thursday, July 12, 2012

Squires to the UCF Knight

A glass paint project I created this
 summer featuring the UCF Knight
      During the previous Fall semester, Sibley and I both participated as squires to the Knight through the UCF Equestrian Club. It is an incredibly exciting position that we will miss while we are in Spain. At the beginning of each UCF football game a fearless knight enters astride a gorgeous white stallion to lead in the band and begin the festivities of the game. They rear and bow as the crowd cheers and showcase the proud and elegant Spanish Walk.
           As squires, we were responsible for getting the Knight and Pegasus, the stallion, ready for their performance. We dressed them and prepared them, complete with gold glitter on the horse's hooves. We also had to act as guards, making sure people didn't run up behind the horse or out in front of him as we moved toward the field. Additionally, we always had to watch the clock so that the Knight would be ready at the designated time, heading out to pump up the crowd. And while we won't be at the Knight's side this fall, we will be able to see the ancestral home of our friend Pegasus during our time in Spain.
       Pegasus, or Maluso as we know him, is a beautiful Andalusion stallion, and a retired star of the famous Lipizzaner Tour Show which has a base in Central Florida, on loan to UCF as our mascot. The tour show is famous from its origins at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria.
A rider showcasing the classic Spanish Walk
     Spain is home to a comparable riding school, the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art. Located in Jerez de la Frontera, it is famous for its Dancing Stallion show, showcasing the elegant and traditional grace of Spanish riding.  They provide tours of the grounds and stables and allow visitors to watch practices and tour the Museum. They provide education in many types of horsemanship and prepare many riders for international competition.
     As the time ticks down (less than 60 days!) until our trip, we are becoming more and more excited. Each day brings us closer to this fantastic journey. We will embrace every new experience in the coming semester with the courage and adventure of a noble knight as we expand our horizons and explore beautiful EspaƱa! I can't wait!


  1. Dear Ladies:

    Is there not some famous fairy tale of a lady
    riding into town on a white horse? will you being tilting after windmills with a lance?

    I am also curious how you convinced the university and the US government to allow you to import and keep in your new, larger dorm room an Andalusian pet? The compost pile will allow you to finally start that organic garden in the community showers. Between charging for the horsy rides and selling the organic produce--you should raise enough money for graduate school by the time you graduate.

  2. Haha, whaaaaaat?

    Maluso has a wonderful life as a retired star, and UCF loves him. :)

    As for tilting after windmills,