Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pack Attack!

The countdown has crossed under two weeks!  UCF classes began yesterday, and it was bizarre to be sitting at home while everyone over in Orlando started school.  Amanda and I have another two weeks before classes begin in Alcalá.

I was at the store yesterday and luggage was on sale, so my mom and I considered buying a new, bigger suitcase.  However, my dad cautioned that buying a new suitcase would be just too much temptation for fate to resist, and my luggage would surely be lost on the way there.  His additional and more practical concern was that a new suitcase would not stay nice for very long, so why spend money when we had a functional one already?  My only remaining concern was that I would not be able to fit nearly four months’ worth of clothes and other belongings in the smaller suitcase that I have.
So today, I decided to undertake a practice packing run. 

I began by preheating an empty suitcase.  Next I added 4 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of khakis, 2 pairs of pajama pants, and three pairs of shorts (1 denim, 1 khaki, and 1 athletic).  I threw in a few UCF t-shirts to represent, and another 9 tops that varied from casual to semi-formal.  For high altitudes, I stirred in 1 fleece jacket and 2 light knit sweaters.  I also added in a dash of formal and professional wear in the form of two dresses.  Next, I included a full week’s worth of undergarments and one swimsuit.

This was looking good.  I had all the clothes I expected to need, and my suitcase was still roomy.  I then added a few pairs of shoes.  I still had room, so I then added a toiletry bag.  Just for good measure, I threw in a random shoebox to represent space for all the things I was probably forgetting.  At that point, I realized I had forgotten socks, so I heaped 7 or 8 pairs in there for seasoning.

Finally I topped off the suitcase with a journal, a sketchbook, and a towel.  Done!

When I pack for the real trip, I will be a lot more discerning and thorough with regards to all that I throw in there, but my practice run today served to reassure me that my suitcase is big enough and strong enough to hold all that I need, and if anything else comes up, I should have some extra space in the laptop backpack that I carry onto the plane. 
Mission accomplished!


  1. When packing for an overseas trip, remember the GOLDEN RULES:
    1) All underwear can be turned inside out to double the weekly wear time before the next wash;
    2) The Europeans invented perfume to save water wasted on showering. Only take a full body shower when you can no longer stand your own smell--they do have towels in Spain;
    3)Europeans sleep au-natural--no pajamas needed--they also skinny dip--long underarm hair is considered attractive;
    4) Remember to dress like the natives to blend in--you two red headed American girls are already going to be the center of attention.
    No all of what was mentioned above should be taken seriously.

  2. Haha, you scared me a little at first with those rules! We are planning on adapting some, but we are going to bring some American flare, too. :)