Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Revertigo: A Visit To UCF

     Yesterday, Sibley and I visited UCF for one last time before our trip to Spain. We each interviewed with the Office of Prestigious Awards as part of our study abroad scholarship to learn about future opportunities to study abroad. That's right! They are so confident that we will love this experience, they are encouraging us to start planning for more! (That's a good sign!)
     We drove up in the morning and were immediately met with an unexpected issue: parking. Anyone who attends UCF will tell you that parking on campus is a hassle. That is, anyone except those who live on campus! Sibley and I had never really experienced this side of the UCF experience before, but we adjusted and navigated the busy parking garages until we found a spot. We then hurried to our meetings and learned about some amazing opportunities that are available for the future.

     After the meeting, Sibley and I met up with a few of our friends for one last afternoon together. We ate gyros, followed by froyo, and then returned to the new 504. With the new roommates occupied by class lectures, our old roommate Jess welcomed us to a nearly empty, and entirely different, room. We each took up our spots as usual in the room, lounging and talking just like any day of the past year. For a brief moment, it was like nothing has changed. And so, we experienced "Revertigo" a term coined on the TV show How I Met Your Mother to describe the behavior of someone when they return to friends they haven't seen in a long time. Suddenly, they act just as they always did with that person, picking back up on inside jokes and old fun. While it hasn't been very long since we last saw our friends, the ease of which we fell back into routine makes me confident that we will return just as close as ever!

     So with the memory of UCF and all that we'll be missing fresh in our minds, we are ready and prepared for our grand trip. In just a few days, we will make the drive down to Miami and board a plane set for Madrid! This is all so exciting!!!

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  1. Did you know that just by using the Spanish accent mark, you can translate English words into Spanish words? What is Spanish for the English word "vertigo"? Answer" Just put an accent over the "e".

    That carry on I was looking for can be seen at the Patagonia site under "sling bag". Because it can eaily be swung from front to back to side without giving you a back ache--it is popular.

    I was so happy to hear that you cleared the final bureaucratic hurdles. You two need to stay together and start your own corporation. I know you could create something better than Facebook.

    Did I mention "pinching". It is an acceptable practice among mediterranean men that if they see a lady walking in public--No I am not making a pun on street walker--they may feel free to pinch your proturberance.

    Also, Gypsy-Rommany kids are cute, but avoid them like rapid dogs. In their culture they are trained to converge on tourists and pick their pockets. Walk fast and look straight ahead.

    To the next Rhodes Scholar--sorry that is only for Englishman--the next great international executive at age 25. Have a safe trip.

    See if you both can drop in Saturday for a final farewell.