Monday, October 8, 2012

Amazing! Fantastic! Barcelona. Day One

 A trip to Spain can never be complete without a trip to the famous Barcelona! So, joined by our new friend Larissa from Tennessee, we set off to Barcelona very early, taking a taxi at 4:30 in order to catch our 7:00 flight from Madrid. We arrived  in Barcelona about an hour later, navigated through the airport, slightly baffled by the signs in Catalan, and then we took the train to Barcelona. Finally, we checked into our room and began exploring the city.

         Barri Gotic and Las Ramblas
Iglesia de Santa Maria del Mar
This was a really cool area filled with old building and narrow streets. Shops lined the streets and tourists were everywhere. It was super busy and always bustling. Due to the wise advice from concerned followers, we were constantly alert and remained safe the entire trip without any pick pocketing horror stories.  This district was really neat with a brilliant contrast between old and new. You could look down one street and see a gigantic Gothic cathedral but as you look down another, you could see a giant stuffed Spiderman dangling from a balcony.

Barceloneta and the Beach

As we walked past the port filled with boats, we had our first glimpse of the Mediterranean Sea. The beautiful blue water stretched out into infinity, calm and cool under the bright and hot sun. We took a little break, sinking our toes into the sand and swimming in the sea.

Montjuic and the Magic Fountain

As the night settled on Barcelona, we made our way to the Magic Fountain. On the weekends they have a choreographed show with music and colors and a great fountain. The water rises up from the huge fountain creating different shapes and feelings. It was super crowded and filled with tourists, but a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Then, after the show, we climbed up the many stairs to the top of Montjuic where we could look out over the skyline of Barcelona, illuminated by the night lights.


Then, after a long day of walking and travelling, we went back to our room to sleep and prepare for another busy and absolutely amazing day!

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