Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rain, Exams, and Oranges

       It’s a strange combination, I know, but our past week has largely consisted of three things: rain, exams, and oranges. First, the weekend was consumed by rain. The sky transformed into a pale gray and hovered at a light rain just above a drizzle for the entire day. We were lucky to see a little bit of sky on Sunday evening, when we went out to relieve our cabin fever! So, what did we do all weekend? Well, we studied and slept and called our family. Also, Sibley is battling a little cold and so we tried to take it easy. The rain kept us indoors and there, we alternated between studying and the internet, like every good Honor Student will understand.

       Then, Monday came and the true realization that mid-term exams, and thus, the midpoint of the trip, were just a few days away. A crazy sort of disbelief came over us. In my case, I am filled with a mixture of excitement and shock. We have done some amazing things since we have been here, so the idea that we have just as many amazing adventures and maybe even more in the weeks to come fills me with joy. However, the shock settles in when I think that I am passing the peak of this experience. Just how these past few weeks have flown by, the time until I return to the United States could go just as quickly. So, I deal with it by planning adventures and eating oranges.

Even the old mascot
for UCF loved oranges!
The Citronaut

        Yes, somehow, I have become addicted to oranges. I, the girl from  Florida, a state filled with oranges, only discovered my love for oranges and all their wonderful goodness while in Spain. Fruit is eaten almost like desert here. When you are done with your meal at lunch or dinner, you are then offered fruit. So, I sampled some apples and peaches, and then…oranges. They taste like the super fresh oranges that come from your favorite farmers market, and I get them every day. Some days, I’ve eaten up to 3 per day, one at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Don’t get me wrong, the other fruits are just as fresh and just as delicious. The apples are scrumptious and juicy and full of flavor. Basically, having fruit every night has been wonderful. 

     This weekend, our adventures start again! First, with a school trip to Segovia on Friday and then, on Saturday, we pick up Sibley's mom from the airport for a one week visit! We can't wait to show off this wonderful town and a little bit of life in Spain!


  1. Your friendly neighborhood Publix grocery store clerk reminds you that Florida is known for juicing oranges. The best eating oranges still come from California and Spain.

    The best eatible citris is the Indian River Pink Grapefruit from Florida.

    Fruit, Fruit,Fruit!? What about the MEAT?
    The Spanish beef, pork and seafood recipes are known around the world. Any memorable meals?

    Do Spanish students have superstitions about doing well on exams? Even if you are not Catholic, you might want to take a Rosary into the exam.

    We are about to have a Nor-Easter Storm like the one in the movie THE PERFECT STORM. Florida is only going to get wind and rain, but the Northeastern US could get hit hard. SNOW!

    Best of Luck during the rest of yoru stay in SPAIN. The rain in spain falls mainly on the plain?

  2. There is definitely a lot of meat! We eat a lot of meat straight off the bone. It is all very yummy. When we told our professor about the Easter Bunny, she said, "Oh yes, we eat rabbit too! Om nom nom!"

    We haven't heard any superstitious things about exams, but we did learn that years ago, students would smoke in class and during exams, but eating was not allowed.

    Hurricane Sandy is crazy!! Sibley's mom made it here just in time and her flight wasn't canceled, so that was very fortunate!

    Thanks for the updates! We love hearing from you!